Thursday, January 29, 2009

New dress being constructed

After completing my course at the London College of Fashion, the best advice my tutor gave me was to go home now and design a dress. I did. Made a paper pattern and cut it out of fabric. It sat in my room in the roof for months before I did anything further with it.

This week was the perfect time to get it out and sew it together. I forgot how beautiful this fabric looked together. Trouble was... I'd forgotten what look I was going for so was slightly perplexed when I saw that the back had a big slit up it. Was it cut with intent of a back fastening? Was it cut on the selvedge instead of the fold? Nevertheless, it came as a surprise and I'm now thinking button back fastener.

I also had planned to fully line this dress, but the cotton is very light and the lining would have shown though. Instead I have just lined the breast. Age 4.

Decisions: Binding around the neckline and armholes. Red or brown? Brown sounds bland and red is going to jazz it up a bit. What do you think? Did I just answer my own question?

The WWW lost two pounds this week!! First day in the hot seat was extremely rewarding. I loved being the one to reward weight loosing women with their pound loss. Faces of glimmer after a week of hard work far outweighed the faces of shame for those that cheated here and there. Tip of the week: let a bad day just become a bad day not not roll into a bad week. *to myself: Take your own advice love, you'll go a million miles*


Dreams of Yarn said...

The sneak peek of the fabric looks gorgeous! Cant wait to see the dress.

Heart Felt said...

Beautiful fabric....brown would be smart, but red would be fab! xx

lej jewellery said...

congrats on weight loss and can't wait to see the dress

London Mummy said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished dress too - personally, I would probably favour a brown trim - but I'm boring like that!!