Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Things keep disappearing in the house. First my ruler, now my puff sleeve template, oy! During my course, one of the first things we did was trace around a model woman, man and childs template. Actually, the male and child templates were optional, but I decided to get the most out of the course as possible. I drew up templates and glued them onto card for ease... and so they don't get lost. Oy vey!

Anyway, as promised here is the dress. I'm not a great lover of this fabric I will admit. I think its the colour, its too beige for me and I'm just not a beige person. But, there might be shoppers out there that love beige. I tried to jazz it up with some wine satin ribbon and I was going to add an applique pear or bear to the bottom of the dress, but my worst (turned best) critique said there was too much going on and to leave it off. Age 2.

As for the sleeves, I may just puff another sleeve I think it looked ok. What do you think I should do with this sleeve?

*Edited to add* I found it, I found it. My sleeve template. Tucked up in my bag of scraps. Someone nearly got blamed for that!!

**Edited it add** Found my ruler too, but I swear it wasn't there last night!!


June said...

I think a puff sleeve would just finish the dress off perfectly. The course that you did must have been an excellent one, as your work is so good. You have inspired me to get out my sewing machine and do some sewing too.

lauren said...

Oh I love this dress. I like it with no sleeves. You are doing an amzing job. Just loving them all. Well done xx

SweetPeaknits said...

Oh June, I'm so pleased that I inspired you to get sewing again.

Arrhh, thanks Lauren. x

With sleeves, without sleeves.... all will be revealed tomorrow!!!

Heart Felt said...

I think it's so pretty, I love the color! xx