Sunday, February 08, 2009

As usual, I missed the bus again (metaphorically speaking). One step behind as usual. Snow fell last week and Mummy Sweetpea goes out and buys wellies this week. Arn't they cute though, those little shark ones. I did ask the Bubela if he wanted shark ones too and I got an "Oh Mummy please, do I look like I'm 2". Oh my goodness my little Bubela, would you slow down growing up, your only 7.

I'm running VERY low on fabric with just two weeks to go. So, today I ordered 5 more meters of solids in order to co-ordinate with my half yard reminants and my japanese fabrics. I've been cutting halternecks all morning!! To be photographed later this week.

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Knitting Mummy said...

You must have used your wellies as we have just had some more snow, I needed some for the girls but couldn't actually find anywhere that was selling them!