Thursday, February 05, 2009

Revealing the flouncy puff sleeve

I'm sorry that I didn't manage to get on here yesterday and reveal the finished dress, as promised. Blame the Old Singer!!

Now, I don't mean to talk poopy potty talk here, but every mother can understand the proud moment when her baby hits the potty... and yes, it was my proud moment yesterday when poopy hit the potty. OK, again I'm sorry about the toilet talk, but my little Noshy is growing up all in a week!!!! He went from babygrows to proper PJs on Tuesday. Yes, I know he's a bit old for babygrows, but bless, he still fits into them and they keep his toes warm. I would have waited for him to grow out of the sizes, but I figured that was cruel seeing as he is at nursery now and needs to be PJ-ing like his peers. I love his little feet, mwah.

So, Sleeves. Voila, I went for a flouncy puff. I hope you like it. I'll bind the neckline (chocolate brown), zip the back and label it. And it will go on the rack with its sisters tonight.

Next up is its (unfinished) big sister dress. I love this dress and I think the fabrics go much better this way around, dontcha think? Same goes with this dress, I'll bind neckline and armholes, zip the back and hem and label. And this will also hopefully be finished tonight. Age 7.

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Knitting Mummy said...

You are blogging a lot lately I can't keep I love all the dresses I agree the second version with more floral print would be my fav, I also love the pink, but I do have a soft spot for pink are you going to be selling your dresses online? Sorry If I have missed the blog post when you told us all where you are selling your stuff.xx

SweetPeaknits said...

Hi Amanda. Hope you are well. I will be opening a UK shopping site shortly where you'll be able to purchase in GBP. I'll let you know when its open. Estee. x

Knitting Mummy said...

Thanks I am looking forward to it.x