Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who's eaten all the Jelly Babies??

Hubby bought a packet and now can't find them!!

Yesterday, I spontaneously purchased a pattern from the local fabric shop, Simplicity 3559. And, 2M of a natural coloured linen fabric.

I sat and stared at the instruction packet for a good half hour before gaining courage to actually open up the pattern and take out those delicate paper pieces. I read, and re-read time after time after time the instructions.

What to do first. Do I trace the pieces onto dressmakers paper? Do I mark with a felt tip the size line I'll be following? Do I allow for seams or are seam allowances included? ... I don't know.

I bit the bullet and cut the size 14. To be honest, I don't even know why I cut the 14, because I'm a UK12 and I think sizes are US. I will admit that the nice lady in the shop told me to go with measurements and not dress size. But, when working with measurements I ended up with a size 12 bust, size 20 waist and a size 14 hip!!.

I know I've put on a few lbs, a Jelly Baby here and there, but I know my dress size hasn't altered that much! However, its the size 14 that is all pinned and ready to cut, I guess I can always take it in if necessary.

In other news

The Nosh says two news words: Shoes and Juice... arrrhhhhh, such a cutie.
My clever Bubela had a fabulous school report. Can you tell I'm a proud mummy of two wonderful boys.

School breaks up tomorrow! So much planned so keep an eye on my weekly photos of the Bubela and Nosh.

... whats Hubby up to??


Heidijayhawk said...

what a sweet blog! the most intimidating part for me is the cutting. hope it turns out great!

June said...

I have made lots of dresses and I would lay the pattern onto the material, making sure that the arrows on the pattern are all facing the same way. Pin it onto the fabric and then cut around the nearest size to your measurements. Seam allowances of 5/8 th of an inch are already allowed for, so you cut on the line of the pattern. Hope this helps.

SweetPeaknits said...

Thanks June for the tip. I just went and checked my arrows and they all the same way, it didn't even occur to me what the arrows meant! :)

Caroline said...

Oh, pattern measurements are sort of strange -- and they do run rather larger than "standard" sizes.

Personally, I usually run a size or two larger in the waist and hip than in the bust. A good fix for this is to mark the size at the bust, waist, and hip and connect the lines, approximating the right shape. This doesn't work for really complicated tailored things, but it should work great for simpler things.

Hope that helps! Please ask me to explain things better if that was confusing. : ) And you can do it! I avoided commercial patterns for a long time but have since embraced them.

lera said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

You asked about storing the canned beans and jams. They last several years (although, in our family of 8 they won't last that long).