Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Where've I been...

... not sipping pina colada and bathing my feet in the Med thats for sure (oh, how I long...).

Reason of absence: *smiling* sewing and knitting and reading and cyber shopping and... gosh, lots!

In sewing, I boldly accepted to take on a project for a friend of mine who asked me to make her some chair covers for her dining room table. How flattering, but oy vey, what a task! I graciously accepted and, seeing as this is the first sewing project of this sort I'm very pleased with the outcome. I hope she and her husband will be pleased with them, or at least fit! I'll share full photos once completed but here's a sneeky peek. They are modeled on my chairs hence the fit.

I just love the fabric she has chosen.

Oh, and that pinky mesh in the background is the tutu I'm making for another friends little girl. I'll share pics once completed... she's adorable.

So what have I been buying? Once photographed, I'll upload and share, but to tempt your taste buds; vintage sewing patterns; another Japanese sewing book, a few yards of fabric from the States and a short course in dressmaking at the London College of Fashion *jumping in excitement*.

Yes, thats right, I'm doing a short course, just a week, in dressmaking and hopefully *cheesy grin* it should show me the basics of construction and alteration and I wont need to just guess anymore.

Yep, I'll be back on that sweaty London Underground system commuting into London again.

In knitting, I've started the Stripes and Dots ('cept its just stripes) Blanket from the Adorable Knits for Kids by Zoe Mellor. Its planned for a friend due with twins in about 4-6 weeks time. Its two boys, which has helped with my colour scheme. I'm hoping to do a matching blanket with spots for the other twin... hoping.

Muzel Tov Gemma and David. A gorgeous little girl.


Lil D said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished results. That blanket looks gorgeous so far.

June said...

Your boys are absolutely gorgeous and cute.

SweetPeaknits said...

awwww, thanks June.

Lilli said...

I'm very impressed with you for taking on the chair-cover project. Love that fabric :)