Thursday, July 31, 2008

Student for a week

I came across this quaint vintage shop this week, its a few doors down from the school I'm learning at. The Paper Dress sells vintage from the 40s to the 80s, but not only clothes and shoes. They sell brick a brack too. So, it was fun to have a look at the toys, telephones, wallpaper and furniture. I loved it, it was like walking into a time warp.

So, not only have I just been a student for a week, but it was a student at the London College of Fashion and wow what an experience. The place is amazing. They prepare for fashion shows on site and the clothes are fabulous. There are rails and rails of them.

The course was fantastic and I already want to do another, but the travelling on London Ungerground was revolting. PEOPLE - DEODORISE!! AND PEOPLE - DONT LET ANY PART OF YOUR BODY OR HAIR TOUCH ANYTHING OF MINE. Sorry, sorry for the rant, I know it was harsh but I'm probably too used to the comforts of my own car.

Ok, so rant over. Our tutor, with her wealth of experience of working in couture and high street, was patient and packed so much information into one week. I've come away from that course with so much knowledge and cant wait to get stuck in.

This is the bodice I made in class. The neckline, which is very similar to the neckline on my dress on Stella, has facing attached. One sleeve is gathered at the bottom and cuffed and the other is straight (in order to learn as much as possible).

So, what have the boys been upto whilst I've been back at school. Nana took them to see the animals at the forest, then splashed around in the paddling pool at home. Hubby bought them a goldfish each, Alvin and Theodore (named by the Bubela), taken them swimming every day and catching up with friends. The Bubela has the new football kit and the Nosh can now say feeee (which means fish). I'm having dinner made for me and the house is being kept lovely. The washing is being done and sent out to the ironing lady.

I've had a nice week! Have a good weekend, friends!


Knitting Mummy said...

I am so glad your course went well, I would love to do one, but most good courses are done in London and although I don't live that far, can't use the underground as I am claustraphobic,(I doubt I spelt that right!). I know that you will now be making some amazing stuff and making us all green with envy. The boys seem to have had a good time Enjoy the break from school runs.!!!

Lil D said...

That course sounds great. I've been procrastinating when it comes to making myself clothes. I thought that I'd make myself some summer tops, but kept starting other things instead. One day I'll get up the nerve...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Looking forward to see your Stella dress finished and the quilt you have started.