Saturday, July 26, 2008

Meet Stella

Many years ago a lovely lady born 6 children to her husband here in England. I'm not sure why, the Queens Army perhaps, but they spent the next 30 years in Trinidad. There, this lovely lady looked after and cared for her 6 children, including sewing all garments for them. Now, this lovely lady has returned here to England and is sewing for her MANY grandchildren. Her latest project, she told me, was making a china doll for her grand-daughter. She's got the china doll, she's just making the clothes to fit it now, wow.

Anyway, Stella has so kindly given me her old dressmakers dummy that she no longer uses and I'm so forever grateful. Her grandchildren named her Esmerelda, but I kinda like Stella as its got so much more behind the name.

Stella's first outfit will be my Vogue 3559. I can already gage that its not going to be my sort of dress, nevertheless, it's my first project so I'll finish it. Im really proud of myself so far *pat pat pat on my back*.

I used dressmakers chalk to mark all notches as initially I snipped into the fabric, but because I'm using linen, it frayed badly. You can't see my darts very clearly in this photo, but they're gorgeous!

I'd like to re-cover Stella in some nice funky fabric, any tips??


Heidijayhawk said...

hello stella. i'm sure you will continue you your journey with many new adventures! how lucky are you!!?

Agnes said...

Congratulations! It's really good to have a dress form ... even for knitting garments. How I wish I can have one too.

June said...

Your dress is looking good. Stella will be such a help to you, she has a very nice figure.

knitlit kate said...

stella is awesome! i bet it works great and the best part is it looks great too!