Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So my day starts when I'm reversing out of my drive to take the Bubela to school, when he says from the back seat, "Mummy, Adam's got a really smelly nappy". Confused, because I'd just changed his nappy before getting into the car, I turned off the engine and went to inspect.

Yes, it did stink. But, Oh. my. word. The Bubela, the clutz that he is, had stepped in foxes poo.

So, my day started washing shoes, then the mats, then racing with time to get to school.

It was actually an anticipated bad day from as early as yesterday afternoon, when the brownish red paint turned out to be Mulberry brown - not to mention Neighbour wanting terracotta orange in the first place.

OK. Rewind.

We are having (along with our semi-detached neighbour), the front of the house painted. Its half red brick, and half red tile. We (predominantly Hubby) wanted the tile painted a brownish red, neighbour wanted a flower pot terracotta.

Problem one. Neighbour never conferred with Hubby upon preference.

Problem two. The Mulberry paint that went on neither of them liked - and pretty me had to tell the builder.

Problem three. Neighbours was re-painted the wanted terracotta pot orange, ours the red brick tile colour.

Oy vey, such a magila!

Turns out today, we had our red brick colour painted and she wants the same as us. I'm exhausted!

And you know what made my day a great day, my friends little girl laughing out loud at something the Nosh did - I think he kissed her - and finishing it off with a lovely walk.

P.s. her mummy loved the chair covers, phew!!! Fit? Ish!


Dana said...

Oh my!!

Anonymous said...

The chair covers are gorgeous! You did a great job!

Knitting Mummy said...

I have just caught up with your blog and I can't believe all the things you have done,you always inspire me you clever girl you.!!

Lil D said...

The chair covers look really lovely - I'm not surprised that she loved them.