Friday, January 13, 2006

Progress on the Alphabet blanket

I'm almost done with the Alphabet blanket. (Bad lighting, bad photo - sorry). I hope Baby L will like it. I've just got the border to complete and it'll be finished. I have to say, this has been my most enjoyable knit EVER. I don't really want it to end. Although, once its completed I'll be starting the Odette blanket from Rowan Little Treasures for Baby B and thats a cute one that I'm excited to start. My friend Michelle (unfortunately blogless) has knit one up. I saw it half completed and it was gorgeous, just gorgeous.

I've been injecting the suprecur drug for about 11 days now, and I've been fine. They told me I'd get side effects. Nothing. Side effects similar to when I'm premenstrual but apparently worse. No, I'm fine. In fact, the other day I wondered if it was all working.

I caught myself screaming blue heaven at hubby last night over... erm. *trying to think what it was now* Oh, I guess it was something pathetic and trivial. Anyway, there I was red in the face, smoking from my ears, gnarling through gritted teeth. And he's just looking back at me nodding. NODDING, grrrr.

Then, a one second reality check caught me, I stopped... and cracked up laughing. Yep, its working alright. I love you Hubby and thank you for putting up with me.

The Rowan 4ply is just a dream to work with. Its a shame I have to cut it up into bits. Although, it will be one soft teddy bear.


goodkarma said...

That alphabet blanket is absolutely precious. The edging will be like a frame on a piece of art! :)

Ruth said...

wow!! great job on the alphabet blanket!! =)

Anonymous said...

estee being in israel on holiday and missing your blog, and you of course, i decided to entered it today and that blanket is fantastic, i am really proud of you. love you lots and see you soon.