Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Have you ever knit with a nose peg on?

Here is my start to Creeper (its the jumper on the right in the book) - a bat winged design like the old eighties jumpers. *reminiscing about the good old days... *.

The eighties are back and the bat winged arms are supposed to be stylish at the moment, although they're slightly unflattering. The pattern calls for Rowan Plaid but I had some Sunbeam Luxury Tweed in my stash which I thought would look perfect. Its a different gauge but I didn't mind doing the maths.

Actually, I'm knitting it up as quickly as possible and I can't wait to block it. Yes, blocking I'm dreaming of blocking - Never thought I'd see the day I'd be more excited to soak in suds and block than knit. Why?

It stinks.

Yep, stinks. A couple of months ago I won a bid on Ebay for this tweed wool. This Luxury Tweed in a beautiful colour, pinky purple with flecks of blue, yellow, green... just beautiful.

I was delighted to win the bid and once I'd received it through the post and looked at it, I was even more pleased with myself. However, when I opened the bag... a waft came out, it stunk. Stunk, like it had been tucked away and stored for about 70 years. I'm surprised nothing ugly with legs walked out. Anyway, after gagging I taped the bag and up hid it away in a cupboard hopefully never to be seen/smelt again.

I was frightened to store it with my stash in case my other yarn "caught" the smell.


shilps said...

hi i'm an amateur knitter - i just started the bobblicious pattern - it looks great so far and i wanted to say thanks for the pattern =)

SweetPeaknits said...

Shilps - I can't wait to see your finished Bobblicious, don't forget to send me a picture.

Knitting Mummy said...

Hi , I have just bought your Olive cardigan and downloaded it, it looks great and real professional. When you are a big famous designer I can say I bought one of her early works. Thanks for commenting on my blog by the way it is so exciting to know somebody else has actually read it!!!lol.
Bye for now Amanda.

diana said...

Ugh, sorry to hear about the yarn stench. Would tucking some lavender in the bag help or make things worse??

Sharon J said...

So does it still smell while you're knitting with it? How are you coping with that? I've always been lucky with yarn bought through ebay, although now that I've said that... ~Sharon

SweetPeaknits said...

I've been airing my yarn out and its not that bad, or rather, its bearable to knit with now. My only problem is... I'm nervous that I' haven't got enough of it. Same old story with me.

Diane said...

Tumble drier sheets are quite good if you seal the offending yarn in a plastic bag place a sheet in with it...tie it up and leave it somewhere warm to cook :) Mind you sometimes i think only washing will do as trying to disguise nasty niffs sometimes encourages them :(