Thursday, December 08, 2005

Your once, twice, three times a design...

The way Linda Goodman describes me in Sun Signs its as if she knows me. As a Libra I am represented by the scales, therefore I am, *achem* perfectly balanced. Although, if you think of those old blancing scales where the ultimate goal is to get both sides even I'm either up or down, one way or the other. I can be sweet, pleasant and charming, or can be sulky, fiery and boring. On the whole, dont get me wrong I'm good natured person, but when I'm in a bad mood keep well away.

She also says that us Librans are indecisive, or rather we take a slow boat to making a decision. Even when my Hubby asked me out on our first date, I ummed and arred as to whether to accept. I mean come on, I was head over heels for the guy.

Anyway, that cabled tank top that I'm designing... its no longer cabled. And, its no longer a tank top. In fact, I ripped out the whole lot and am now designing a cardigan. Here's one half of it. As you can see the front is a 2x2 rib which I plan to wear folded down as pictured.

Please excuse the no make-up/bad hair. What with the Bubela having the pox and not being able to leave the house there was no need to groom.

With the way things are going on the knitting front at the moment, if I keep with this design *flinging eyeballs to the ceiling*, then this should be finished by the weekend. And a photoshoot outside, outside, outside, in public, in public, in public. Can you tell I miss shoulder rubbing at the school gate.


QueenB said...

Help Im a new Knitter with very little experience!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your design on but Im getting stuck on the pattern... I cant get the Bobbles down!!! Can you send any easy tips?? I think this design is SO very cute!! If you can help please email me ..

Laura.Y said...

that looks promising..:) Can't wait to see the FO..:)

Circé said...

Bobblicious is a very great pattern! i want to make one for me!
Thank you

iSeL said...

Love the way the now-cardigan is looking. It fits you perfectly. Can't wait to see the final product.
No grooming? I wish I looked like that with no grooming. :D