Wednesday, December 21, 2005

God forbid you touch the knitting

There's not much going on on the knitting front. You see, I'm not frantically knitting to finish off the holiday knits. That's because, as you know, I didn't start any. The Fam will sure be surprised (or possibly relieved) to open their Channukah gifts and not pull out a knitted scarf, or gloves perhaps. Oh no, not this year. But I promise, promise, promise, to attempt holiday gifts next year. Okay, Fam?

Now, tell me why is it that kids get up to mischief when mummy's are on the telephone? I'm on the phone and the devil gets into the Bubela. He's running around and making noise, I'm ignoring it and I take myself out to the kitchen so I can hear the caller. The Bubela runs into the kitchen pulls a face and runs off, I mimic a giggle and let him get on with it. Again, he comes into the kitchen with a Bamboo knitting needle. Again, I just ignore him and I'll tell him off when I get off the phone.

So, I get off the phone, forget to tell him off and I carry on blowing raspberries on his belly while he shticks himself in laughter. I later bath him and put him to bed.

I then attempt to clear up before starting dinner only to find that THAT Bamboo needle contained LIVE STITCHES from the Olive cardigan that I'm designing. Oy vey. Obviously, dinner was held off until those live stitches were threaded back onto the bamboo. God forbid you touch the knitting.

I'm hoping to showcase the Olive cardigan in January... towards the end.


Laura.Y said...

oh dear, all the best with the live stitches then. Merry Christmas and Happy Hols..:)

Becky said...

Oh I totally know where you are coming from on that one - I've had the same experience once or twice. I think I've got Jacob quite well trained on the knitting front now, but when we have other children round to play it's another matter, I sometimes totally forget that they don't understand that knitting is sacred and not to be trifled with and many tears ensue - usually mine !

By the way I'm liking your parenting skills - ignoring is good !

Lolly said...

I decided to forgo the holiday gifts this year too - and it is nice not to feel the same crazy pressure. I do want to knit other ifts for them though... perhaps birthdays ;)

Knitting Mummy said...

I can totally relate on the needle minus knitting front, although I have found that since I have started using the circular ones all the time, they have more trouble pulling the stitches off. Instead they find them fascinating and I keep finding them in the toy box or under beds!!
Have a lovely Christmas, by the way thanks for leaving a message on my blog, I was so excited that someone had actually seen it.

Sharon J said...

Oh, stress! Needles minus stitches! Children and knitting left in accessible places don't always go well together, do they? I learned that through my own miserable experiences. I'd spent hours upon hours knitting a very complicated fair isle jumper only to have one of the children pull the stitches off. As if that wasn't bad enough, he/she (nobody owned up to it) unraveled part of it, too. Sorting that lot out was a complete nightmare! Merry Christmas! ~Sharon xx