Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Stuck in doors? Whatcha doin'?

Thank you all for your congrats about Bobblicious. Please send me photos of your finished Bobblicious for me to upload onto the blog.

Here's the pox-ridden Bubela, although this photo has cleverly not shown him with his chickenpox. His trunk is covered in them, and his face has about 15. Please dont scar, please dont scar. Please let the Vit E oil work. The Bubela said to me yesterday, "Mummy, when am I going to look like me again?"

Is he missing school? Is he bored? He is definitely bored, and I think he want's to play with his friends again. We've been making Channukah cards. He has made about four for his friend Daniel, everything he makes is for Daniel - and has to have the trademark sticker of a Spiderman. He has watched Madagaskar about 3 times, what a great film, its hilarious and its great knitting time. I've been really productive the last couple of days.

The Alphabet blanket is coming along, I love it. The Z and S had errors in the pattern, but now I'm over that, it should be a smooth run. And as you can see, I have also knocked up a pair of booties from the new Zoe Mellor book. (Sorry about the poor photo and bad lighting.)

So many pregnant friends at the moment, I'm loving all the knitting. I'm looking for another cute pattern for a blanket for another friend who is due to have her baby summer '06, "Baby B". I quite like this Odette blanket, what do you think?


Ruth said...

thank you for the very lovely comments on my baby blanket! and i love the baby blanket on the laughing hens site - beautiful! can't wait to see what you choose to knit up. your alphabet blanket is looking very nice as well!!!

Becky said...

Oh what a shame your little man has the pox - mine had earlier this year and it's a nuisance - still as you say - better to get it out of the way. Oh and Spiderman is great isn't he - the best apparently !

Your design looks fab - well done you and your alphabet blanket is coming along nicely. I love, love, love the new blanket you are considering - it is beautiful and I want to make one right now - but I don't know anyone having a baby at the moment.