Monday, December 26, 2005

Olive for Christmas Day

How was your Christmas? At the moment we are still enjoying Channukah (the festival of lights). I love the holidays... and the waistband is certainly proving that. Diet will start again in 2006, but I've been to the gym *round of applause* thank you.

As many of you know, I am a Jewish girl living in a modern world where you can't hide from Christmas. And who would want to hide from this enjoyable festival anyway? I want the Bubela to enjoy every inch of both Christmas and Channukah so that he can learn how different people celebrate different things in different ways... and get two lots of toys!

Anyway, barely Christmas morning (5.50am to be precise), the Bubela shouts out from his room "Is it morning yet?" Sure is. And with that, he comes bouncing into our room and asks if he can go and check downstairs to see if Father Christmas has left him anything. Hubby and I follow behind him - yes, its about 5.52am at this point. Me with the digital camera, Hubby with the camcorder. Oy vey, what a sight.

"He has mummy, look" he shrieks, "and, he's got the same wrapping paper as you". "Oh yes, err... it was on special offer". (what else could I say to a believer?)

*note to self: remember to hide wrapping paper as well as presents next year*

He loved all of his presents, especially Star Wars' millennium Falcon. Hubby has a few busy jobs too, lots of lego and imaginext sets to put together. The Bubela kindly told me that I was a good girl too, but why didn't Father Christmas bring me any wool?? I don't know, why didn't Father Christmas bring me any wool?? Maybe, he does all the mummy's presents in the January sales!!

And here she is. Olive. By the skin of my teeth, I finished the Olive cardigan for Christmas Day. I was threading the last few ends in in the car to my parents on christmas day.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out, considering how many times I had frogged it because it didn't look just right. Remember how this started off as a jumper, then turned into a cardigan with no collar, now its still a cardigan but with a collar, just perfect. Its even warm enough to wear as a jacket, what do you think? I'll get the pattern all typed up if your interested.


goodkarma said...

Oh the Christmas morning rush with the Bubela. That brings back such fond memories of my brother and I waking up at the earliest possible time and tormenting our parents because we were toooo excited to sleep any longer.

Olive turned out so well! It looks fabulous with the wrap neck top underneath. Wear it with pride, my dear.

Happy Hanukkah!

Sharon J said...

Olive looks lovely! I can just imagine you weaving in your ends like a crazy woman in the car! The things we knitters do, eh? My daughter suggested we borrow somebody's child being as Christmas day just wasn't the same without little 'uns around. She even hinted that maybe I could produce a new brother or sister. I'm 45 and have been a mother for almost 28 years so I think my nappy changing days are well and truly over. Enjoy the time you have with your son while he's small because it really does fly past y'know. ~Sharon J xx

Knitting Mummy said...

Hi, love Olive, my oldest daughter would love that, I am a bit too fat at moment for something like that, she would look lovely in it.
I am really impressed with how clever you are at just inventing these lovely things. Well done.

diana said...

Olive is just gorgeous. It looks wonderful on you!

Happy holidays!!

Bonnie said...

I am loving Olive. And I can't get your knitty pattern out of my mind no matter how hard I try.

Karla said...

Hi, Estee! I hopped over here from Knitty after seeing that cute Bobblicious you designed! Wow! It's printed and now on my WIM list!

I also love Olive! I haven't been keeping up with her transformations from a tank top to this final design, but I think you did a great job! (Did you write down the instructions?...)

Great blog! I look forward to reading more!

iSeL said...

I'm glad you're having a great time with your family. Bubela looks so excited!

Olive is beautiful and it looks great on you.

Happy new year!

Shanidy said...

Happy Holidays! I love your wrapping paper story...seems that I would do the exact same thing! I will have to remember to hide the paper...

Beth said...

I always remembered that Santa had the same paper as my parents. So, when I had kids, I bought paper that is JUST for gifts from Santa and I hide it away.

Love Olive too - I just printed Bobblicious and hope to get the yarn this weekend so I can make it for myself.