Monday, May 03, 2010

When I pick a new book off the bookshelf Im almost always ready to sit down with a cup of coffee and a biscuit. Not this time. I sat down, read the first few lines then closed the book and sat for a while. I watched my youngest of 3 tapping away at the laptop on a childs website. His long eyelashes batting, his tongue occasionally moistening his lips and his legs curled under his seat. I closed my eyes and kissed him hard on the cheek.

Sometimes, when I'm hurrying him to put his shoes on and shouting to him to hurry up, or telling him off for not eating any of his dinner, bargaining with him that he has to go to bed, I need a reality check of how lucky I am to have him. So, I closed my eyes and kissed him hard on the cheek and the lines on my face softened as I said I love you my little chooch.

Then, I walked into the dinning room where the oldest was sat at the table doing his homework. I watched as half his body was on the seat and half was off. His books strewn across the whole table. His eyes wandering around the room. For an instant, I didn't shout to focus him on his studies, nor did I yell at him to sit properly at the table, I simply approached him and, again, kissed him hard on the cheek and told him I loved him so much more than he would ever know.

I say this because motherhood is one of the most precious gifts we will ever encounter and I know that I am eternally grateful to be a mother.

I then returned to the sofa and proceeded to read the Journey to the Son by Lauren Braddock Havey a true story of a husband and wife's journey through infertility to IVF to childhood. Its wit and light humour will keep you captured throughout. Read more about her story here.


Em x said...

What a gorgeous post x


Its so true, no matter how exhausting our babies sometimes are, I also feel so lucky to have my beautiful girl. Lovely post!