Monday, May 17, 2010

Everyone needs a little TLC every now and then, dont they? And, we certainly got it here this weekend. A few girlfriends and I spent the weekend at Champneys. And it turns out, so did a couple of other celebs!!

Emma and I are walking through to the treatment rooms (*All names are changed to protect the beautiful and innocent) when Jackie walks towards us. Emma, happy to see her says "Hi, I haven't seen you for ages and how lovely to bump into you here. How have you been?" to which Jackie replies with a warm smile "Lovely to see you" and kisses her before being whisked off to her treatment.

Turning to Emma and with eyes wide open with astonishment I said that was Jackie O and half expecting her to say yeah, we went to college together, or yeah, our husbands are chums. She didn't. She said, "Blimey, it was, wasn't it?" Gasping. "I thought she was a bloody patient of mine" (she's a GP). Cringing.

I had visions of Jackie laying there in her treatment thinking to herself, who the blooming heck was that girl.

We didn't see Jackie again. I imagine she was swept off out the back door in helicopters somewhere. Amazing.

Our weekend was so relaxing. Jam packed agenda filled by gym and spin classes and various treatments. It was amazing, and I'm totally relaxed and glowing.

Next year girls??


Nanny Pumpernickel said...

ohhh your blog is F-U-N!!!I so love that you are working on a granny square!!!!!wowieee thanks for leaving me all your sweet comments!!!I am now following your blog!many dutch greetings Dees

jorth said...

Sounds like to much fun!

Esther said...

He he, that did make me laugh, I've done exactly the same as your friend a couple of times - sooo embarrassing!