Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blighty Grounded

Not anymore!

Since the freeze in the skies, this blog's seemed to have had its own little break. Sorry. I've been taking the time to finish a book as I've a new one on the way. Yay!! I won Mud Mama's book giveaway!

Have you noticed how eerily peaceful the skies have looked? Motionless, cloudless and I guess pollution-less. I've had many friends stuck abroad, one thats safely back in Blighty today and another in the skies as I type. More due back over the coming days.

Poor JV, she was stuck abroad on her first girls holiday since her divorce and without her little 3yo boy. I feel sick for her as I remember Hubby and I taking our first holiday of 4 nights away from the Bubela when he was 3yo. I cried the 4th day, all day long. It was a miserable and rainy day in Venice. We had tea in the reception of the hotel watching the rain fall outside. Then waited in the boat taxi queue whilst the rain fell upon us. I was desperate to get to land and board a bus back to the airport. Somehow feeling safer and nearer my 3yo if I was sat in that airport. So, JV I too would have taken the first available flight to anywhere paying the hiked up prices and hitched a ride to Calais, paid treble for umpteen taxi's to be with your little one.

So, until airspace activities resume normal service, so will the postal services. I am holding all airmail back until normal postal service resumes. Thank you for your patience.

Veggie news: The strawberries are flowering!!! The tomatoes need re-potting.


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