Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Sad eyes

Her eyes just didn't sit right. Her mouth was too thin... and too red. A nose penned on and far too feeble. A face not fit for a perfect doll. Yes, I'm talking about that first attempt of a rag doll I made a few weeks back. Overall, she's ok. I love her size (20") and fullness, but her face just didn't sit right. Ach, never mind.

So, various attempts at faces on a piece of scrap linen later, I've decided that embroidery is the face of the next doll. I love those sad green eyes. Eyes, they tell a story of a thousand words. She'll look great finished.

Veggie patch news: The strawberries are flowering.


Java said...

I left you an award HERE!

Florence and Mary said...

I have to say I love those eyes!

Victoria xx

PS I'm glad it's not just me that goes Woodbury Common!