Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Getting to know you

The questions..

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1. Are you superstitious? Sort of. There are a few things I do and a few things that I dont. I'd walk under a ladder. I'd be dead upset if I cracked a mirror. I wont step over the kids if they're laying on the floor. I used to wear a red ribbon.

2. If you were an animal..what kind would you be? A bird. Free to fly around anywhere. Flying high above in the silence of the skies. Perched up on the fence watching the world pass by.

3. You would never catch me wearing.........? A boob tube. No Siree. My boobs need as much scaffolding as possible.

4. If someone posts a VLOG..do you watch it? What's that? No. I wont watch it.

5. Have you ever waxed your girlie/manly parts..or any other part of your body? Yes. I only wax.

6. Are you a spender or a saver? I'm so boring. Saver. Although when I spend, I spend.

7. If you were starring in a movie..who would you want to play your leading man/woman? Rob Lowe. Without a doubt.

8. Smoker..never smoked..social smoker..or smoked back in the day? Smoked far too much back in the day.

Have a good Tuesday.


UK lass in US said...

I cracked a mirror - I'm not sure if my 7 years of bad luck are up yet.

I hadn't heard of not stepping over a lying person - I'm not sure that I could move in my house if it weren't for stepping over a sprawling kid or two...

Simoney said...

Hey thanks for your comment and kind mothers day wishes... I know Mothers Day for the UK is so much earlier in the year - my motherinlaw lives in Newcastle upon tyne and she always has to let us know when it is... so i get my own mothers day, all to myself here. Ours is the same as the american date; but it's 7pm here already! so mothers day is nearly over for me. the washing is on and the (online) shopping is done... dinner cooked and now I just have to get littlies into bed and ready for ANOTHER WEEK to start.
Have a great Sunday yourself over there!
Luv Simone