Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dolly visits the hairdressers

The sun is shinning, the tulips budding and I've dropped the youngest off at nursery.

The older one is upstairs working on a school project and I've a few hours to myself. I'd love to put my feet up with a cuppa, scoff a cake and watch Austraia's Biggest Loser, but Dolly neeeds attention... After giving her hair and a face I thought with the sun shinning gloriously out there we'd have a photoshoot. She is by no means finished, but thus far I'm quite pleased.

Love the new dress, much better than this one. I just need to buy lace and trimmings to add to the apron and bloomers.

Any suggestions for names yet?


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Jen said...

she's so cute! I'm too busy with sewing yarmulkes for next month to do any other sewing

magpie chic said...

I feel she is definately an Esmeralda!:P