Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sowing the seeds

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Wasn't yesterday a glorious day? Where's that gone? I had a great day, both atmospherically and productively.

The Nosh and I sowed our carrots into the new vegetable patch. I'm a tad worried about those tiny weeny seeds as I didn't cover and protect them over with any netting. I'm worried the birds will peck at the seeds.

*note to self* Fix netting. As soon as!!

We also planted a couple of the tomatoe seedlings outside in pots. Again, I'm worried about those too. The wind was blowing those babies from left to right. One of the little seedlings is over hanging the pots edge - like he's run a marathon (or two). Now the wind has died, I'm hoping that that baby will be able to regain composure.

Oy, the worry veggies give you!

Lastly, we planted strawberry seedlings. We planted those straight into the ground alongside the fence. They were a spur of the moment purchase so I hope they turn out to be a good investment. Strawberries are a winner in this house. Just wondering whether to do blueberries too.


Primrose Corner said...

That's looking good. Are you going to net your strawberries too? I think I might do that with ours... I was upset by losing the cabbages to pigeons but losing strawberries would be just awful. Strawberries are very popular here :)

Annemariesquilt said...

Thank you for visiting my blogg and leave such a sweet comment!!
Your garden looks wonderful, here winther has just left us and there are only snowdrops in my garden yet;-))

Bethany said...

So jealous of your garden space! Would love to be growing stuff right now. But the weather up here has been pretty terrible so in a way I'm glad I haven't!

LollyChops said...

Your garden is totally beautiful! Can you come over and help me with mine?!?!?!?!