Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Footwear

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How do you store them? Shoes, that is.

One of my passions is purchasing shoes. Im more partial to a wedge than a flatty. All of my shoes are stored in their original boxes at the bottom of my wardrobe. However, they are starting to climb the walls, and its impossible for me to give them a spring clean and (dare I say it) chuck out. *gasp*

They have this recycler bag at the dry cleaners where you can donate your shoes to the third world. And, I've often chucked the kids and Hubby's shoes in there. I think its a fantastic idea, but would you chuck your Miu Miu heels in there. Would they need Miu Miu's in a mud hut in Rwanda?

Ive been looking at the Hunter boot recently. Its an all year wear, isn't it?

Last week, whilst shopping in Staines, I actually spoted someone wearing a conservative black Hunter book teamed with a denim hotpant.

I love these boots. They're on my wish list!!

The Fitflop. With all its rage to miraculously muscle tone and get you fit whilst you walk. The range are attractive and to suit all tastes from sparkles to shimmer to plain jane classics.

But, they are hardly the workout I crave from a spinning class.

Havaianas. Are they the best rubber shoe in the world?

I love 'em.

But the wedge will always be my winner.

Loving these Jessica Simpson's. Looks like they're hot on my wish list this year.

Have you started shoe shopping for spring this year yet?

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Marsha said...

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by my site! I have always wanted to try the havana flip flops. I'm gonna follow you.

Thanks a bunch!!!