Saturday, April 11, 2009

Papercraft on Folksy

Folksy is a Handmade Haven for sellers and buyers of Artist, Makers and Crafters from the UK.
I've been window shopping at some of the papercraft talent around.

Can you believe how cute this little teacup is (available for purchase here). I'm a sucker for vintage tea sets thats why this tea cup caught my eye. Gorgeous!

Next is the little geisha girl card. Again, took my fancy because I love (in fact used to collect) dolls from around the world. The geisha girl, in particular, always being my favourite because she was always the prettiest! Available for purchase here.

This original print available here *Hubby, remember the Yiddishe bagel shop we found in Venice?* Venice is so very small, and I even remember this particular Square.

... and roses that will never die available here


Heart Felt said...

How wonderful...such great talents. xx

Pherenike said...

What great finds from around the web. There are a lot of crafty creative folk out there aren't there?