Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another glimpse...

Here's a work in progress to take a glimpse at. I've made this in two colourways now, both age 3. I will be stocking these shortly in the shop.

I'm almost done sewing up for Thursday's clothes party. I'm sewing up my last three dresses. I've just hemmed and button-holed, I've just got to sew on the buttons and label.

In fact, [WARNING: rant ahead] I'm slightly pissed off annoyed at my label supplier. His delivery timing is way too slow to be acceptable. My labels are still not here after being ordered over a week ago. I'm only hoping they arrive tomorrow. I print my own labels using the ink jet - iron on method, so it isn't leaving me a lot of preparation time. I foresee me frantically ironing and sewing late Wednesday night.

Oy vey.


Glorious additions to my collection!

My creation
Is there a shop that you cannot walk past? Or a shop that you must come out of with something? I have that very shop an hour away from home, where my MIL lives. Its her local charity shop. A haven for good vintage sewing patterns at a steal of 20p. Every time we visit, well, not every time, but every time we visit on a Saturday when the shops are open, its a must that I visit. I don't think there has been a time when I haven't left that shop with a buy. Be it a good saga book, or a vintage sewing pattern or a bunch of knitting/crochet needles.

Hubby waits outside. He has some sort of smell phobia about charity shops. He has been known to pop his head through the door and give me the "eyes", you know, those hurry up it stinks, eyes.

And, this a selection of the few patterns I manage to scoop when we last visited.

These patterns do not get used. Oh, Heavens forbid. I leave them in the condition that I buy them in and preserve them in ziplock bags. I only collect 1960-70's patterns, focusing mainly on the 1970's and I just think they are wonderful to look at.


Heart Felt said...

What a bright and cheerful dress, it's beautiful! xx

Knitting Mummy said...

Your pattern collections make me smile as they remind me of my childhood and the kind of stuff I used to wear. The little dress looks lovely. I have been stalking your shop and also joined your facebook group.lol

Beata said...

Adorable dress -- love the fabrics! I also collect those 60s-70s patterns...I've got such a thing for the artwork on the covers!