Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Four years today. I was younger, thinner and mum to only one. I was only knitting at the time and using *whispers* acrylic. I was on the IVF rollercoaster, travelling daily into town. I was shopping too much and not earning a wage.

The Bubela was at nursery and I was at home. Hubby bought me a laptop and I entered the world of blogging...

Since, I'm older, dieting and mum to two. Under my belt is the knitting and crochet with two unfinished blankets awaiting their use. Many knitted items have been gifted and worn. I've tested the waters of cross stitch and plushies. I've baked, made fudge and gifted my truffles. But, my latest and greatest fad is my vintage Singer.

This journey has been one of the most colourful, fibresome and rewarding of all. I've met some wonderful friends across the globe, I've shared my laughter and worn my heart. I will most defintey continue to blog - you've been a great audience.

And.......... to mark the celebration I'm giving away one of my tee shirts of your choice. To view my collection please take a browse in my Etsy shop.

All you have to do to enter is comment here telling me which one you would like and post a link from your blog back to mine.

One of my boys will be selecting the winner on Friday 10th April.


Teena in Toronto said...

So cute :)

Happy blogoversary!

amylane said...

Love your blog and the beautiful things in your Etsy shop, especially your 'With love from Russia' Tee shirt - soo cute :-)

Happy Blogoversary!

Amy x

Malphi said...

I love vintage sewing machines and used them full time up until about 18 months ago, I can understand your love for them. Thank you for the encouragement about getting the 'unknown' Omega sewing machine. I have a bid lined up for one on Ebay, fingers crossed!
Kind regards,

Michele said...

Happy blogaversary. You have beautiful children!


happy blogiversary

paula h said...

I don't have a blog to link up. I wish I did because I like the Mommy's Little Martian Tee.

Until a few months ago I had an old Singer that I bought at a Yard Sale for $5. It was a good machine. Dh bought me a new one or I'd still be using it. The new Brother is really nice though. I do love it.

Debra said...

Adorable tshirts! None that I need right now. (though if you ever design one with an octopus.. I'm in!)

knitwits said...

such cute tee's! i particularily love the nellie one. link to my blog (not that i remember to blog very often!) is

elaine (aka knitwits from Misi)

Nic said...

Ooh I love Mummys little Martian too.
My blog is

Liblies said...

ooooooh, how lovely that you've got beautiful children to show off your wonderful creations. I've been admiring your T's on MISI for a while and have 1 child left who is young enough to wear them!!! The other 2 are 10+. I think a little shopping trip on MISI is in order... I've mentioned you on my blog there, but don't get that many views, sorry. :(

This And That Team said...

I love your blog!! You've put a lot of work into is and it shows. By the way, I love your items, very nice... :o))

sewtakeahike said...

aww, your little t's are so cute! thank-you for your sweet comment on my blog, it's nice to "meet you"!

BUSY BEE said...

Great blog!

I love your etsy shop
My favorite item: Spring flower sun dress! Classic elegance.


bsyb100 at gmail dot com

Rachael said...

Mommys Little Martian is my choice please if I win.
Linking to your Blog from
Saw you on misi


Jen said...

Love your t-shirts
My Fav is posted on my blog
Good luck with the giveaway x

Heart Felt said...

Happy Blogoversary....always love visiting. xx

Tintel said...

I just love the Nelly The Elephant T-shirt! And what a cute model is wearing it.
Greetz from Belgium,

cstironkat said...

I don't have a blog but I love the Pick Me Flower design girls tee shirt all sizes.