Saturday, April 18, 2009

Glorious day out and I'm set up in the conservatory at the Old Singer, again. I've got the ipod singing my tunes (James Taylor) and I'm blissfully smiling. Hubby's clearing out the garden shed with both boys and I foresee hours of blissful sewing uninterrupted ahead.

My harmonious afternoon was abruptly ended with the sound of unmentionable swearing, crashing sounds in the shed and what I could see through the little shed window from where I was sitting was... the sight of Hubby... dancing? No. Jumping? No. Catching? No. Puzzled, yet not puzzled enough to disturb my sewing moment.


Hubby was thrown out of the little shed. OK, this was the moment I flew to the garden. "Si, you alright?"

Now, would be the moment I let you know that my hubby does not use bad language - thats my job!

S**t, F**k, S**t, F**k... and so on for minutes.

So, bouncing across the garden's grass to his rescue from what I think is the saw, or perhaps the axe (no, we haven't got one of those so back to the saw) attacking him.

No blood.

"There's a fox in the shed". Obviously, a big, BIG fox waiting to gobble... sorry, I'm getting carried away here. There's a fox living in my shed. No babies, no partner, just a fox which has taken a fancy to our sun lounger (since, has been taken to the dump and poor fox has no where to sleep).

In other news:

New sewing magazine out next month. Sew. With Gok on the front, I can't wait to see who's inside!

One of my dresses has been featured on

I hate a photoless post, hence a sight of two of my dresses. Ages 2 and 4.

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lauren said...

Hi the girls' tops are absolutely gorgeous. Love them. Can't wait for the weather to warm up so they can wear them. Thanks again XX