Friday, March 27, 2009

When I bought the bunch of bananas at the fruit stall today, a fruit stall that I rarely frequent, the lovely lady said to me "I didn't see my first banana until after the war"... I'm not one to smile and ignore, I'm more of a pull up a chair and elaborate please type. So, with that, I smiled as I recollected a story, then proceeded to hold up the queue as I shared it.

I'm going to say it... I love the over 70's bracket.

My very own Papa, 81 and not a day over 70.

Papa served in the Merchant Navy during WW2, and quite a little lobus during his time in there too. Those stories for another time. Anyway, every time his shipped docked home, his father would pick him up from the docks in his black taxi. Papa would be the one shlepping the huge branch of about 50 bananas over his shoulder. He'd get to the dock and dish out bananas to the folk, a real treat as they were unseen on this side of the waters before.

We all love a story!

In the Sweetpea household this week, I've been busy on custom orders.

I've made a beautiful halterneck in Valerie Wells Sole and the recipient was, oh so delighted. I've almost finished two little white linen dresses. I've got a few children's alterations and repairs and three more dresses that I haven't evens tarted yet! But, my most important custom order, as yet, is for my very own Bubela. He's got a school trip on Monday to a Roman museum and the kids have to dress as Romans. It's all cut and raring to go... of course I'll post photos of him in dress.

Watch out for Giveaway Wednesday next week, celebrating my Blogoversary, 4 years!!!


Dreams of Yarn said...

I love the stories that the older folks have to share as well. Share some photos of the sewing you have on the go!! Love to have a lookie.

June said...

I too was one of those children of WW2 who had never seen a banana. When I was given my first banana at about the age of five, I bit right through the skin and didn't know that you had to peel it.

SweetPeaknits said...

Shannon - wip's to come...

June - I'm pleased I brought the memory back to you :)