Monday, March 30, 2009

Behind those doors

There's something about the world behind the ladies dressing room at the gym. From the bare lady who forget her towel, to the lady cursing her hairdryer and the mum chasing her toddler around the dressing room.

But nothing was more devastating than the lady whom unlocked her locker to find her stuff was not in there. Pail faced and shaken she approached the reception desk and told them of her worry of her belongings being stolen. When she returned to the locker room with the receptionist, she found that she had locked the wrong locker... poor girl.

Or the lady whom was panicking as she scrolled the code on her pad lock. Her code was not unlocking. She too returned to the locker room with a receptionist and a bigger than average pair of pliers to have her padlock clipped off her locker. Shocked, blushed... this was too, the wrong locker.

Oh, what bears behind those dressing room doors.

Sadly, I gave up my position as a WWW. It was far too time consuming and it now gives me a day at the gym.

Pictured above are the WIPs which are due to be finished by the end of the day!!!!


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Dreams of Yarn said...

oh I cant wait to see those dresses finished, the sneak peak is gorgeous!