Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is spring peeping through?

My daffodils are up!! And, bluebells, gosh, bluebells thats early! Oh, how I love a deep violet English bluebell. Did you know they are now a protected speice? The removal of a bluebell from your garden is an offence.

There's something about a bluebell that reminds me of growing up in our first house. At the back of our garden, in a little patch by the green house on the left where a huge pile of sand lay, a little patch of bluebells grew each year. I specifically remember them because I thought they were the prettiest flowers I'd ever seen. Our garden wasn't a florid one, more of a grass and swings area for us to play.

So, when I noticed those bluebells this year, thinking, that I've never noticed them before, I sat by and took a moment back.

My bolts arrived this week.

Dont forget Saturday's Craft fair
ChristChurch: Wanstead Place, off High Street, Wantstead. E11


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