Sunday, March 22, 2009

Home and Dry

This was my sell out!

It was 3pm and at that exciting point of my last cupcake tee shirt left on the table and a young lady (crazy 'bout cupcakes - she told me) just had to have it, regardless of the size! Bagged and bowed, she got it.

Actually, this fair was quite poor for me compared to my last experience. Yes, I sold, but not as many as last month. My target audience was an average age of 60 and few had grandchildren.

The clocks man opposite me was a hit with the folk. He sold clocks and watches after he'd reconstructed, repaired and french polished them. They were beautiful. He'd even shlepped in a grandfather clock... oh it was magnificent and a steal at £90. And, he does deserve the mention because he was such a mench of a man coming to see if little ol' newbie me was alright all the time and buying me coffee and cake. Such a sweetie.

The jam lady next to me was also a hit. She was the perfect set up for Mothers Day [today]. She's was too busy to sit and chat though, she told me! But thats ok because me and Chris... go way back to last months craft fair and before that I was (still is) her customer at the local farmers market.

On my other side, was the Hat's lady, boy, she couldn't stop talking. Oy vey. It was her life story. Its started five years ago when she arrived here in England from the Philippines, one marriage, a divorce and a new boyfriend later she's tested and tasted the waters of different business lines to find a success in hats and millinery. She was the friendliest little sweetie and she's already emailed me today!

Night off tonight... Estee x

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Heart Felt said...

No wonder they sold out, they are so cute. xx