Sunday, March 15, 2009


I will be next exhibiting at this Antique & Craft fair on the 21st March.

ChristChurch: Wanstead Place, off High Street, Wantstead. E11


Today I had this cutest little lovely come and model some of my spring/summer collection. Isn't she a lovely?

She did a fantastic job. Thank you!!

You can view some of the collection here


Childhood said...

Gorgeous Estee! Im proud of you! I was reading up on the first craft fair... can't wait to read about this upcoming one! *sends lots of luck*

SweetPeaknits said...

Thanks Kelly! So lovely of you. xx

Melanie said...

this material and dress is lovely!

Nic said...

I've just been admiring this dress on Facebook. The material is lovely and yes, your model is beautiful too :)