Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sorry, this doughnut's got no sugar!

I walked into the classroom. Kids, Babies no more than 3, toddled around the room from one activity to the next. Teachers entertaining. Tables set out for crayons, easels for paints, book boxes, toy boxes, kitchen corner... nursery activities.

*oh my goodness, am I ready for this yet?*

My little Nosh, just a breath past two years, will be attending this nursery soon and today was our visit to see how things are run. My little Nosh, never a day away from me, the extension of my leg, my little lunch buddy, my reason for rolling and laughing around on the floor, my story listener, my finger cruncher. My Nosh-pot!

He had a lovely morning playing, and I sat and watched as he mingled with his peers, as he explored the room and took to new surroundings. He even made a friend, aarrrhhhhh. A smile sat on my lips as I watched him enjoying, playing and gaining an Independence and confidence. I didn't expect him to be so confident. And, I didn't expect me to feel so ok with everything.

Then, he saw me and made a b-line. Here it comes, my lap warmer. But hang on. "bye Mummy" then he puckered his lips to kiss me goodbye.


Obviously I didn't leave. I wasn't ready to let go, and we were just checking the place out. We're going back in a few weeks to see them again. I've gotta get myself used to this again.

Sorry, no photos today. Dontcha hate posts without pictures, bit like a doughnut without the sugar. Talking of doughnuts, 23 days until Channukah.

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