Friday, November 21, 2008

I've found a new friend, or sort of been reunited with an old one (if you could really call her that). We last saw each other when we were 7, then she found me on Facebook. Now, I'm very excited about being reunited (in a funny sort of way) as I'm so intrigued as to where she went. I remember her at school, she was sorta geeky, (wore the free National Health pink glasses, or did she wear the black ones) but there one day, then gone the next! But being a kid I didn't question it - at seven life is as it presents.

Anyway, poor little girl was shipped off to her birth mother that she barely knew, taken away from her brother and father. 200 miles away from "home", and from the only people she knew as family and friends.

Anyway, she grew up having a normal childhood and adulthood. Met, I guess, the man of her dreams and has two children with him and he now has taken a job back in her home town. At present, he commutes - week days here, weekends there. She's got a phobia about coming back, don't know why.

Hubby questions why I'm so interested in someone I barely know. My answer is just that I'm plain old nosey. Is that wrong? I'm interested in what my past friends are up to now or what paths their lives took. Aren't you? He doesn't get the whole Facebook thing. He thinks I should stick to sewing! Which brings me to mention that above is to become a halterneck dress, so keep watching. Fabulous flirty fabric from Heather Bailey.

Below is a custom made simple A-line dress. Specifications were to be dark, plain and long. So the only fussy-ness I could add was the handmade bias binding trimmed around the neckline and arms.

Im dead pleased with its turnout and I feel like the proud mother of a zip insertion.

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Rachael Rabbit said...

oh how I long to be a proud mother of a zip insertion ... I'm so scared of zips it is a little bit silly!