Thursday, November 13, 2008

I've been busy... doing stuff!

41 days until Christmas - not that I'm sitting at my window sill peering into the night yearning for a glimse of a red cape and hooves, or anything. Nor also that I'm preparing a countdown graph of moon and sun risings, or any other evidence pertaining to galactical movement.

But joke aside, it is my favourite time of the year, my favourite! And, I have a double wammy because we celebrate Channukah too.

I love waking up at dawn to a little tap on my shoulder and a sweet excitable voice asking "is it morning yet?".

Gowned and slippered, Hubby and I follow downstairs and watch two little boys open their presents, present by present.

So, 41 days and counting. What's on your Christmas make list this year? I've got a few ideas, though barely in stitches.

First up, awaiting embellishments and sleeves, we have this lovely little ensemble, size 5.

Can you sort of make out this lovely smock top once the sleeves are sewn on. Its a button up the back fastening.

Until next time. xx


Rachael Rabbit said...

I have such a hard time deciding which is more exciting - Halloween or Christmas! Although snow at Christmas is kind of the icing on the cake and wins hands down.

Lil D said...

Oh, that smock is going to be beautiful!

Now, Christmas is definitely my favourite, but please give me warning before putting up something scary like that - ONLY 41 days???? I had better get a move on...

Bianca said...

I love Christmas especially the time before it. Next Sunday is the last one of the serious November Sundays, and then is the time for all the lights and the magic of Christmas time (ok, also for not so magic aspects, too, but I try to ignore it). In Bremen (and other German cities to be fair) open the two Christmas ferries (the classical one around the historical center of the town and the other one, with a fantastic mediaeval alley at the river Weser) and the city is absolute amazing then.

My finished gift-project for Christmas are:
a pair of socks and two shawls
I still have to do:
Several Christmas cards, two pairs of socks and another schawl.

Best regards
Have a real nice time