Monday, November 24, 2008

The sewing machine gets a night off

A cup of hot cocoa, thick woolly socks, legs tucked under a fleece blanket, pulled in tight to my chest and Hubby sitting an inch away. I'd like to say the fire was burning coal, (but ours is a modern day electric one) and two glasses of red sitting on the mantle, but its a school night...

Nevertheless, It's lovely and cosy snuggled here on the sofa watching Desperate Housewives. A night off from the machine was lovely - though, a difficult decision to make. DH v Vintage Singer, hmm. Difficult, hey?

Here's a sight of my new label, posing on one of my applique tee's, but more of the t-shits another time. When the climate warms, they'll come out for show. Bloomers too, they'll also be on my show off list! But the label, I'm really pleased with. I like the logo and the colours. I toyed with many combinations and logos, but this one settled.

I've also failed to mention in the past that I'm a Marie Claire Idees subscriber (amongst many others). Its a French magazine of beautiful handpicked items and crafty things to make with full Instructions (great if you've a French tongue), pour moi c'est difficil. Whilst they are a tad tricky to understand, they are inspirational and beautiful to look at. This quarter's mag wasn't as impressive as usual, I have to admit, especially it being their Christmas edition. However, it's still unputdownable. Here's a flick through a few pages.

I especially liked this teddy bear appliqued coat. Just Gorgeous.


Dreams of Yarn said...

lovely stuff!! did you order your labels or make them yourself? they look GREAT

SweetPeaknits said...

Thanks Shannon, I made them myself. Just transfer paper, hot iron and grosgrain ribbon. A doddle really.