Monday, December 01, 2008

The Hubby comes in Sat morning from clearing out the car, shticking [laughing hysterically] to himself. Its his Saturday morning ritual - the car cleaning not the hysteria - to clear out the weeks worth of mess that the boys (and I) leave. I tend to leave him to his own devises at 9 oclock on a Saturday morning. But this particular morning something seemed to be up. Did I leave some oddity in the car? Had a passing stranger told him a joke? Did he tell himself a joke?

Turns out it was the next door neighbour.

We've got lovely neighbours next door (the ones that are attached to our semi). Mr neighbour is always outside in his Barbour watching the traffic and Mrs Neighbour is always gardening. Flowers all year around. She wears a cork hat, I guess to ward off those pestulant insects we get year round.

We don't tend to bump into them an awful lot, but when we do we exchange pleasantries. They're not like our old neighbours (Mr and Mrs Noseyneighbours), espcially Mrs Noseyneighbour. I used to have a "coooooeeeeeeeiiiiiii" most mornings. Not great when you've got to fly off to the school run. It got to the point where I'd have to leave the house 5 minutues earlier than my already 15 minutes - to beat school traffic - earlier, Oy.

Anyway, Mr Neighbour called over to Hubby Sat morning. "Good morning, we've just got back from holiday and it seems that everytime your doorbell rings, ours does too!" And they'd just got in from Australia so I guess they didn't appreciate the early post delivery at 8am. Hubby tried it and, yeah, that's what happens!

*giggle, giggle*

Wireless interferance, methinks.

T'was my turquise corduroy fabric that the postman delivered bright and early this morning. I've already started cutting it up! It goes deliciously with the Farmers Market florals.


Knitting Mummy said...

Love the story. You have been blogging too fast for me I can't keep Everything you have been making looks great as usual. Hope all are well at your house.

SweetPeaknits said...

Thanks Amanda. x

lauren said...

Hi it was great to catch up this afternoon while waiting for school gates to open, but just want to echo what I told you write so well, your blog is fab and although I can catch up with you face to face, although sometimes it is a mad rush in the morning, I still love to log on to your blog for a chuckle, with an "ooh" and an "ahh" thrown in too. Keep sewing, keep typing and keep smiling.
Love you lots XX

SweetPeaknits said...

Thanks Lauren, your lovely. x