Thursday, August 04, 2005

Rowan 38

Rowan 38 has finally arrived. Worth the wait? Oh yeah!

I had read some reviews that this was very "urban", "ultra modern", "who would wear such a thing" "what's that?" and, after reviewing it on-line at Rowan was still unsure what to make of it myself. However, now that its in my hands to feel and fondle up close, I LOVE IT!!

First and upmost, I love the photography, as I always do with Rowan and I love its book-like feel as opposed to flimsy magazine-like feel.

Now the patterns... well, I just love 'em. Spencer (which is unclear in this photo) they are really beautiful gloves tarnished with buttons, a real definate for me. I love Abigail , its also a must. And, I want a Duchess and Pandora too. So, I had better get cracking on with my other projects in line.

Amber is almost finished, I just need to play around with the top left front which doesn't match the width of the right. And, I know the right front is correct, as I knit it twice. I frogged because the length didn't match the back. Oh, this is such a disaster and I'm not even sure if I'm going to wear it! I'm keeping with it though, I say with longing eyes at R38!

On other news, Cocky Little S**t called yesterday to see if I could go in and train on their computer systems. I was upfront and honest (because I don't like to lie) and told him I had another job interview. He appreciated my honesty and still invited me in, so I'll be going tomorrow. The other interview was today and I really enjoyed it, its more up my street and where my background lies. Secretly praying...

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Eilene said...

I can't wait to get the new Rowan...though it is a bit different than normal. Different is good though! ;-)