Sunday, August 14, 2005

Blooming Beautiful

There is something about a pregnant woman's nose. Or, more specifically a woman carrying a boy and the state of her nose.

About 5 months into my sister's pregnancy with her son Ben, I caught sight of her face and chuckled and teased her. She didn't look like herself, her nose had spread. She looked gorgeous, but sister's being sisters I had to tease her like crazy. However, she was what you call blooming... blooming big nose.

Years later when I was pregnant with the Bubela the same curse had struck me. I was mortified. I call it a curse because when your 20lbs or so heavier all you want is for your face to look good, or at least the same as it did before pregnancy. You know, nose in tact. Many times I was told I was blooming... is this blooming? Its blooming ridiculous.

I met a friend yesterday at a bbq. She is pregnant with identical twins, such a mitzvah. She is blooming beautiful. Her nose too has spread, but she looks so cute with it. Her bump is tidy and up front, she was glowing all night and I still cannot get over how radient she looked. She does not know what the sex is, however my prediction (based on the nose-spreading thing) is that she is having identical twin boys. I shall reveal all in October.
In the meantime, I am knitting this cable and moss stitch jacket by Debbie Bliss in Cashmerino Aran in pale blue, times two.

I like to play safe, so I shall be knitting it in pink too, unless you can convince me that my prediction might be right, based on your pregnancies and the nose thingy.

*Edited to add a big thank you to the host and hostess of the bbq, it was scrummy*


Anonymous said...

That baby jacket is lovely, can you tell me what pattern book its from?

Anonymous said...

One of my knitting students made that jacket and it is huge. I'll be curious to see how yours comes out.
My sister has three girls and we were amazed at her nose-spread. So, who knows.
Still enjoying working on Elsbeth!