Friday, August 19, 2005

Progress report on the Debbie Bliss C&MS Jacket

Progress so far is looking good with the Debbie Bliss C&MS jacket #1 and I have even cast on for #2. *patting myself on the back*

The math for the downsizing was complicated because I had to make sure the cables were centralised so, I knit up the regular size first, and worked the math out around that. I'm knitting it to a 18" chest (0-3 months) which looks far better than the 6-12 month size which was large enough to fit the Bubela!

Mum to the tots is resting up in hospital, so I am thinking of you dearly... and knitting very quickly.

And,here is River.
It needs no introduction and I don't need to tell you how gorgeous this is, it speaks totally for itself. SavannahChik is kindly hosting a RiverAlong which I am joining. *Cheesy smile*


Ruth said...

the river stole is gorgeous!

Lauren said...

Looks like you have been busy with the knitting maths for the jacket!

I love the River stole. Can't wait to see your version of it ;)

Esther said...

That sweater is coming out just lovely!! Can't wait to see it put together - I wish I had the time to jump into the riverknits along..that shawl is gorgeous.

sylv said...

Just came to say Hi ! Yeah, I did design the shrug, thanks. I've just added you to my bookmarks... so I'll be back ;-)

KnitYoga said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog re. River. It's now finished and photo of Completed River is up. LOoking forward to having a look at everyone else's. It'll be great to see it in all the different colours and yarns that others are using!