Friday, June 19, 2009

They say the cutest little things

When the Bubela was a little shnippet, just months short of turning 2, he would always talk about the Dugaloo. Raised eyebrows and smiles, Hubby and I would of course agree "yeesss, dugaloo..." as one does when engaging in conversation with a toddler. "Haven't a clue what your talking about but I love you... dugaloo, yay".

The Dugaloo became a regular word in the Bubela's everyday vocabulary and considering the Bubela's vocabulary was vast at his pitzeler little age, we still had no clue what the Dugaloo was. The Dugaloo had a house. The Dugaloo, at times, was scary. The Dugaloo ate. And, the Dugaloo was ween*?? It wasn't until after having his room decorated to the animal print wall paper that it became apparent what the Dugaloo was.

A crocodile of course!

Please check out the website of DJ Emma B, youshouldwriteitdown, a place for parents to record the cutsie things their kids say.

What cute words does your little one have?


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