Monday, June 15, 2009

Incy Wincy

I started my morning with a startling tap on my shoulder at 5.10am. It was the Nosh. He'd just waltzed outta bed and into my room.

Yes, a startling shock to awake to 5.10am, but a melting moment too to see the Nosh's puppy eyes looking up and silently asking is it morning.

Hop in!

I know you mummy's are screaming out there not to have put him into my bed and yes the thought crossed my mind to get up and march him back to his bed and give him a lecture about the whole this is your room, that is our room, this is the middle of the night, but 'twas exactly that. The middle of the night and I couldn't find my voice. So, I hoisted him up and plopped him in between Hubby and I and closed my eyes.

Naughty Mummy!

Nope. I couldn't return to sloom nor slumber, so I turned and we played tickle and toes and incy wincy spiders and peep bo's and oh so much more until I left him in bed with Hubby to go take a shower.

My second shock of the day (at only 6am) was sharing the bathroom with a big black hairy ugly spider... and it was moving... along the ceiling. Argh. Anything could happen. So, I prepared myself for the worst and I left the shower door open in aid of having to jump out quickly should the intruder jump and tackle me.

Quick shower and hair wash - no time for condition - in and out.

Fortunately, there was no attack and moments later when I'd returned to the bathroom to hang my towel he had disappeared. Yes I admit, he could be on the loose around the house however, out of sight out of mind.

Oh, where has the beautiful sunshine of the weekend gone :0(


Mary at Civilla's Cyber Cafe said...

Hello, Sweetpea Blogs. Thank you for following my blog. Are you British? My younger son was born in England. We lived in England for 4 years, which were the best 4 years of our lives. Love!

Becky said...

5.10am - middle of the night - I wish !!!! We are regularly woken up at that sort of time by one or other of our little treasures !!! And yes we do exactly what you did - isn't it lovely being a naughty mummy sometimes !