Monday, January 05, 2009

As if one wasn't enough already

I remember when Stella joined our household. Stella, cooeee in the background - you still bring me such pleasure and you look gorgeous glammed up in broaches and neck wear. Oh the shame, that's my yard meter stick running through her acting out a rail during this credit crunch.

Well, as if one mannequin in the house wasn't enough, I had to go and buy another. But, this ones 6-12 months and everso everso cute. She's about 18" high, perfect. She looks adorable dressed - ahem, in one of my t-shirt applique designs (an elephant in case you didn't know - close ups here and here.)

One person in the household who isn't too keen on her... yep, you guessed right, Hubby "your not bringing anymore of those things in here are you?". THINGS!! Oy vey I'm all light-headed.

Anyway, in other news... My paper bags arrived yesterday. Hot pink, small. They're ok, not fantastic quality, but they'll do. *so excited* My white t-shirts arrived today - all 135 of them (ages 2-8). They are lovely quality and I can't wait to get started.

The Bubela is back at school tomorrow after this long holiday. Its been lovely, full of activities, visits and late nights and I'm gonna miss you. In fact, I'm starting to get slightly anxious about the Nosh starting nursery in a couple of weeks. So many excuses why its not good enough for him and so many excuses why he's not ready yet. He's still a baby. Yes, he's my baby and I may not be ready to let go yet. Heart flutters and eyes welling suggest I stop about that just here.

Snowing outside!!!!!!


lauren said...

love the t shirt, so cute. Really laughing about "hubby" comment xxx

Heart Felt said...

The torso is fantastic and your t-shirt is adorable. xx

June said...

Love the T-shirt! Looking forward to seeing more of them. LOL at hubby's comment, typical of a man.