Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm a WWW. A weight watcher weigher

First day in the job was great fun, even though it was more of a observant one. 'Tis an awfully important job weighing fluctuating women (myself included). All consciously aware women in one room at one time talking about the lifestyle they love and the lifestyle they want. I say "women" because thats all we were, gossiping women sipping tea and snacking on bananas (or weight watcher bars), no men included (albeit invited). I'm in the hot seat on Tuesday, wish me luck. "Step on the scales please..."

Now, with regards my upcoming craft fair my stomach is in knots. Is that normal? I'm on Shpilkes. Why? Oy vey! I think it could be a slight anxiety attack or more of an "Am I going to get finished in time?" kinda nerves, or an over presumptuous "what happens if I sell out". Is that normal? All t-shirts are done and hand finished with buttons, beads and sequins. Oh, and this is a sample halterneck dress too that needs finishing. Age 6.

The photography hasn't had much practice this week due to the weather. The weather plays a major factor for great natural light, be it in my house or be it in general I dont know, but I've concluded this dark house needs sunshine. And, thats why, even though I am eco aware, unfortunately this house screams un-eco-friendly-neighbour-resides-here for the amount of energy that expels us. Lights, lights, lights. Oy, I can hear my Ubba now "close off the lights if there's nobody in the room!..."

In the meantime, I've been recycling. This is an old Armani skirt of mine which is way too big that I've been holding onto for years, just because it was expensive and designer (??). It was either chuck out or cut up.

Now, cut up to make the Goofy Pants trousers from the Ottobre 6/08 magazine for the Nosh (size 86).

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