Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ottobre 06/07.

Having heard so much about Ottobre patterns and flicking through their online pattern books I ended up buying the 06/07 Ottobre pattern book from Dots n Stripes (the only UK distributer). I did think about subscribing, but I can't subscribe to another magazine. It was difficult selecting a one off pattern book from the whole library of back issues, but in the end it was the Ollie pants that did it for me, here! The patterns are gorgeous, even nicer (I'd say) than the Japanese magazines - and they come translated!

This particular pattern was ok to construct. I do feel that probably some instructions get lost through trasnlation, however, if you're an intermediate/advanced sewer then I think you'll be fine. The patterns are not marked in any level of simplicity like the Burda Fashion patterns, so I highly recommend reading through (as you should anyway) the whole pattern first.

I did omit the pockets. The reason being that the dress was too small for them and they looked silly. I've constructed and sewn the pockets up already, and I'll save them for the same dress in a bigger size that I plan on making shortly.

My lining and seamings are a bit messy, I need alot of practice!


UK lass in US said...

It is cute. It looks really sweet.

London Mummy said...

Very pretty Estee, I'm with you on the subscription front but did succumb Not that I've actually got round to making anything from them yet! If you ever want to borrow some of the other Ottobre Magazines, just let me know :)

SweetPeaknits said...

Girls, oh your too kind. Thank you. I plan to make another in a different colourway.

Sher said...

This looks pretty good to me. I need to get myself together and learn to sew. I'm in awe of you crafty types.