Thursday, December 18, 2008

MIL lives these winter months in warmer climates. She's a regular reader of my blog and a huge complimenter. She's 4 foot, ginger and lovely... and I couldn't ask or pick a better one.

Enough with the shmoozing.

She phones me from her Cyprus balcony twice a week. OK, one of those two phonecalls is to ask her son to call her when he's free, but the other is a sole me / her conversation. We speak for 10 minutes about the weather before we start chatting generally. The conversation:

Me: How's things?
MIL: The weather is glorious here. The best December yet.
Me: Lovely, you keep saying.
MIL: Its cold there, I see, isn't it?
Me: yes, freezing, but don't worry about whats going on here, enjoy there.
MIL: We keep an eye on the weather from the news. Sunday's going to be nice there.
Me: Oh...good...thanks

And it goes on a bit how she's still in her shorts and t-shirts, blah, blah, blah.

Yesterday made me chuckle when she told me that the weather was 11 degrees and that its quite warm here.

Hardly warm, but it still made me chuckle that she knew our temperature. But, it was still hotter there and the best December yet!

In News: I booked my first table at a craft fair. So excited. And nervous.

I'm making applique t-shirts and these skirts. The t-shirts are like the ones in a post further back. Honest criticisms welcome. Any craft fair tips of the trade also welcome.

I'll post details of the fair once I receive the official flyer.

1 week 'til Chruxmas.... yippppeeeeeeee

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