Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A story to share

Circa 1941, wartime London in Parfet Street where the Drillicks lived. They had a yard in the back where the little girl played with her doll that she shared with the other kids. A regular visitor to their door came unshaven, dirty and homeless begging for money. One particular day, this dirty old tramp knocked on the door to be told to wait just there.

"Mrs Woolf", She shouted up, "could you send down a suit of your boy Jack's for the nebach standing at my door"

She invited the homeless boy in and told him to wash and bathe and gave him the parcelled up suit sent from Mrs Woolf upstairs.

"Now, go to Lemon Street, No 50, tell them Adle (pronounced Idle) sent you", and off the cleaned up homeless boy went.

Many years later there was a knock at Adle's door.

"Yes", she said to the young man.

"Hello", the young man said. "Its me, the dirty homeless man that you gave clothes to. I just came to thank you. I went to the factory in Lemon Street where you sent me and I worked there as a tailor's shlapper. Today, I'm a tailor and dress some of the best city men... and I thank you.

A wonderful TRUE story. Ada Drillick was my Great Grandmother, Austrian born. That's her pictured with her Husband, Moishe.

Its Grandparents Day 5th October, share a story.


goodkarma said...

What a lovely story... isn't it sad that nowadays we would never help a stranger in need who came to our door, the way your gran did. Thank you for sharing!

SweetPeaknits said...

I know, they don't make them like they used to!

EmilyKate said...

Aw, sweet story!

Lil D said...

What a great story - you can understand why they are referred to as the greatest generation. They had less, yet they gave more.