Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Back to school

School's back and the summer's over.

Our Summer was amazing, short, but amazing. We enjoyed trips to the farm, the museum, parks and all sorts of other fun. We painted, we baked, we played and collected bugs. And, our cherry on top was our family holiday in Cyprus. The views were exquisite, the beach was beautiful, the food was fabulous and the weather was hot.

My creation

My smile was placed and fixed by the sight my boys and their shrieks of enjoyment and excitement of the sea and the sand, the warmth of the sun was enhanced by the surround of my family and whites of my eyes sparkled in memory of those whom weren't there.

In knitting: I did take a holiday project away with me, not that I got much done. I knit around 12 rowns of the Stripey blanket for the twins (now born 3 weeks ago, so maybe a good Christmas present for them now). However, that's now been placed on the back burners until I finish these two cross stitch birth details for a friend.

Weight Watchers: It needs desperately to be started. Motivation, kick in!

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