Sunday, September 14, 2008

Borough Market: Saturday 2pm

Borough market in Southwark, South East London, is one of the best fruit and veg markets in London I've been to (and I do like my farmers markets). If you do visit, go prepared to bring home lots and go early as the likes of the ostrich and venison meats sell out quickly. The queues are huge for these speciality meats. Seeing as I went later on in the day and was still there by closing time (5pm) I noticed that they sell the perishables cheap cheap cheap - so if your looking for a bargain on freshly baked cake, or some home baked bread hang around to the latter part of the day.

There were cheeses, spices, fruits, chutneys, cakes, meats, fish, exotic fruits and meats, wines and flowers. Endless list.

The last photo is huge slabs of chocolate. Huge slabs!

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klothospin said...

What lovely pictures! I am terribly jealous of that market.