Thursday, September 11, 2008

An audience with the Bubela

School went back with a bang and a school trip into Central London. London, on the London Underground to the Science Museum. Oy, So lovely *I say between gritted teeth* Meanwhilst, today (school trip day) I took myself fabric shopping. It was blah. I bought what I didn't need... bias binding and fat quarters?!. "Stash"

3.45 at the school gate and how lovely it was to see him *smiling*. Talk about being on shpilkes the whole day.

At Dinner, sat Mummy (me, obviously), Daddy (Hubby, obviously), The Bubela and the Nosh. We ate shepherds pie and the Bubela ate pasta (plain) - fussy eater. Hands up if you have one.

Daddy: Did you have a good time?
Bubela: Yes, it was good.

Mummy: Who was in your group? which teacher did you have?
Bubela: Jodie*, me and Jimmy* and Mrs Ruby*.

Daddy: Did you go to the Imax cinema?
Bubela: No

Mummy: Who did you sit next to on the train there and on the train back? And what about lunch? I was firing them at him as quick as answers were flying back.
Bubela: Sammy* and Polly*, then Sammy* and Sharon*.

I'm exhausted at how much of a nervous mother I can be, thank goodness Hubby's the yang to my yin.

These are my finished cross stitch baby birthsakes

The recipients were very pleased with them. Thank you!

* Names have been changed to protect the young and beautiful.

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